On the Continental Divide in Colorado.

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Turn off your TV and tune into some of these awesome web media/radio/podcasts.

They're all free, and edifying!

The Philosopher's Zone - Australian web radio!

Philosophy Archive - BBC internet radio!
Princeton University Public Lecture Series - the archive,1998-present!
WHY? - philosophy shows
All in the Mind - Radio National's weekly foray into all things mental.
The Science Show - weekly shows from down under!
Pufendorf Lectures - Scanlon, Recanati, Stalnaker, Churchland, Searle, Pettit, Armstrong, and others.
In Our Time - by far, the best series on the history of ideas!
The Connection - shows from 2000-2005. *Philosophers: check out the "letters" section.
Front Row - arts and drama!
ENGAGE - from Oregon State University's Philosophy Department
Start the Week - thoughtful discussions
Science Friday - from NPR!
The Reith Lectures - Fabulous! From the BBC
Philosophy Talk - Internet radio from Stanford University
On Point - from WBUR and NPR
Ideas - from CBC radio (Canada)
TED - ideas worth spreading
TTBOOK- to the best of our knowledge
Readings and Conversations Program - from the Lannan Foundation!
Big Ideas - from Australia
Public Ethics Radio - Center for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics
Onora O'Neill's "A Question of Trust" - 2002 Reith Lectures
Ideas and Issues - first rate interviews with public intellectuals
Becoming Human - the story of Homo sapiens!
The Spirit of Things - from ABC Radio National!
Your Call -- from the San Francisco Bay Area
Freakonomics - Steven Levitt
Science Shows - a cornucopia, from the BBC!
The Ethics Site - an online archive of lectures on moral philosophy.

Online Lectures - Imperial College London

Steal This Radio - with Mitchel Cohen.
Reith Lectures 2008 - Chinese Vistas
Quirks & Quarks - a great CBC science show!

Word for the Wise! - short broadcasts from Merriam-Webster!

WHY? Philosophical Discussions about Everyday Life - from the University of North Dakota
Play an interactive Prisoner's Dilemma.
Justice Talking - Law and American Life...
Living on Earth - a weekly environmental show
MIT World - free videos of MIT events
The Infinite Mind - has won 30 major broadcast journalism awards!
Faculty Lectures - from Swarthmore College!

Lighter Fare:

Action Philosophers - a comic book series!

The Boondocks!


Would Jesus support capital punishment?
Scientific American replies to creationist nonsense!
Would Jesus have a problem with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Trans-Gender people being Christian?


Haven't been to church this week? No problem. Simply go to America's favorite internet church!
Is education under threat from the religious right? - DEFCON


And be sure not to miss the Christian urban legends!


Freedom From Religion Foundation - the largest group of atheists/agnostics in North America!

The Students For A Democratic Society - They're back!

CorpWatch - holding corporations responsible!

What is ecosocialism?